Welcome to SIP & SAVEUR. This venture has been a longtime coming and is a dream come true for us. The success of our small business is widely dependent upon you, our loyal customer. We are truly grateful for your patronage.

SIP & SAVEUR encompasses all aspects of thoughtful housekeeping and entertaining.  Everyone appreciates a beautifully prepared meal and there is a lot that goes into planning one that your friends and family will remember. 

A great meal evokes all five senses; sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch. The aroma of herbs and spices coming from the roast cooking; the texture of the linen and crispness of the dinner napkin; the way the flame of the candles sway as the beautifully crafted salad bowl is passed around the table; the popping sound of the wine being corked and then poured into a handblown decanter; how the silverware and stem of the wine glass feel in your hand. All of these elements come together to create a truly memorable experience.  

We strive to bring you only the best selections found in the marketplace. Just like our patrons, we truly appreciate the quality of well-crafted items. We hope that you notice our passion as you peruse and discover unique pieces for the home, kitchen and tabletop in our online shop.  

We also invite you to browse the SIP & SAVEUR blog where we write about our visits to wine country and as we discover good eats along the way.  Wine is one subject that reinvents itself every year with each new vintage.  It is perhaps our favorite pastime. With the SIP & SAVEUR blog, we hope to inform our readers not only about wine, but the people who make it.  We also hope to inspire and encourage our readers to experiment with recipes we post in our blog and pair them with the wines we feature. We also encourage our readers to suggest and share their own recipes and wine pairing suggestions that we may feature on the blog.

The SIP & SAVEUR blog and online shop is a stepping stone for us to bring you something bigger and better.  We hope to grow into something beyond just your computer screen with the support and patronage of you, our loyal customer.



Our Commitment

We are wholeheartedly committed to bringing our customers only the finest things. We will work with our trusted vendors and artisans who practice traditions and are improving their craft  to curate a thoughtful selection that are timeless and that our customers will treasure for a long time. We will only offer you products that we believe in and that we ourselves would use in our own home.